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Effortlessly engage your community

Milo mirrors the way people like to engage in real life. We create experiences that will make them feel part of the community instantly, driving them to swiftly interact with other members.

The community in your phone

Take your community with you on your mobile device. With world-class designers taking care of every little nuance, accessing your community from anywhere will always be a delight!

Lighting fast connections

"Where are you from?", "What do you?", "Where do you work?" - members are connected based on the questions they ask IRL, all in under 5 minutes! There is a sturdy bond even before they say their first Hi!

Smart groups for gen-Smart

In an era where apps know what you want to eat for your next meal (maybe not yet!), we find groups for members they are most likely to talk in. No hassle of creating groups and adding people to it. It just works!

Find people you want to know

A community is futile if talking to other members is as hard as climbing a mountain (maybe harder). Find members with specific skills or any profile info using our advanced member search and DM them!

Snowball community collaborations

The one-tap experience of creating meetups and events emanates into more people meeting in real life. It's so easy that everyone will do it!

Find conversations easily

With topic-based feed, asynchronous communication is very effective on Milo. Unlike chat messages, important posts and discussions are never lost. Infact, it’s made so handy that even new members will jump right into it!

Everything you need…and more!

Milo is a real-time community engagement platform to help brands and businesses to effortlessly connect and engage their offline communities.

Rich Content

Members can ask questions, conduct polls, post images, videos and GIFs.

Precise Notifications

Admins can use our powerful audience selection tools to send notifications.


Key metrics at your fingertips can help you make better decisions.


Members can create their own private groups. Only Admins can create public groups.

Moderation Tools

Admins can hide, delete any post. Highlight good posts using the pin-to-top feature.

Make Announcements

Admins can post important notices, news, reminders that you want all members to see.

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